Select the database backend to use. The default is mysql, postgresql is also available.
Specify which services to launch. These generally correspond to screen tabs. The default includes: Glance (API and Registry), Keystone, Nova (API, Certificate, Object Store, Compute, Network, Scheduler, VNC proxies, Certificate Authentication), Cinder (Scheduler, API, Volume), Horizon, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Tempest.
Other services that are not enabled by default can be enabled in localrc. For example, to add Swift:
enable_service swift
A service can similarly be disabled:
disable_service horizon
Service Repos
The Git repositories used to check out the source for each service are controlled by a pair of variables set for each service. *_REPO points to the repository and *_BRANCH selects which branch to check out. These may be overridden in local.conf to pull source from a different repo for testing, such as a Gerrit branch proposal. GIT_BASE points to the primary repository server.
To pull a branch directly from Gerrit, get the repo and branch from the Gerrit review page:
git fetch refs/changes/50/5050/1 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
The repo is the stanza following fetch and the branch is the stanza following that:

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